Plastaþon Guide available

The Plastathon Guide is now accessible on Pdf. form here.

This is a useful guide to throwing an environmentally themed onsite and online hackathon. You can find to-do lists, schedules and reviews, tips and tricks on what to do and what challenges you can face when planning or hosting such an event. The guide is based on the planning and execution of two hackathon events held in Iceland in 2019 and 2020.

Plastaþon was held in September 2019. It is a hackathon – an idea workshop – seeking to find solutions to humanity’s problematic relationship with plastic. The participants received both education and training and got to meet a diverse group of people gathered to create innovative solutions guided by experts. 50 people registered for the event and 34 completed the hackathon. The participants formed teams and worked together to solve challenges the world is facing due to our overuse of plastics. The winning idea was to set up self-service machines for dairy and liquid products in super markets so that customers can dispense the product into reusable packaging themselves.

An online version of this kind of event was held in august 2020 and was called Spjaraþon. Due to COVID-19 the hackathon was moved to the online world where the greatest challenge was to keep the technical side as simple as possible. That hackathon gathered participants to learn about the problems of the textile industry and to develop solutions to combat textile waste. Experts discussed the status of the problem and the design process – getting a good idea to develop an effective solution that’s both realistic and useful. 14 persons executed great project ideas. The winning solution was Spjarasafn, an Airbnb for clothes which enables users to borrow expensive luxury items that would otherwise hang unused inside a closet.

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