NordMar Plastic’s collaboration with Ocean Missions and World Clean-up Day

NordMar plastic has teamed up with Ocean Missions to raise public awareness in relation to World Cleanup day and to increase public awareness about the impact of plastics and the importance of recycling and reducing the use of plastic.

The collaboration was launched with organising a local clean-up for the International Clean-up Day (18th September 2021) in Húsavík.

The people that participated in the Clean-up Day had beautiful weather during the day as these pictures prove:

Outcomes from this collaboration foreseen are:

  • “Von um Hafið” exhibition (Launching 1st May 2022)
  • Contribution to the Icelandic Clean-up Network
  • Workshop – for kids (25th April 2022).
  • Sailing tour in a sailing boat (Opal) to Naustavík for kids in “Green flag” schools.
  • Short video documentary about to the projects and events.

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