Clean seas – Plastic in the ocean is out now in 6 nordic languages

How does the ocean influence you? How do you Influence the ocean?
Hreint haf – Plast á norðurslóðum (English: Clean seas – Plastic in the ocean) is an e-book that teaches readers about the influence the ocean has on us, and the influence we have on the ocean. We use reflective questions and empowering lesson plans to deepen the understanding about the importance of the ocean in our lives.  

Empowering children through engaging lesson plans

The learning material is based on education for sustainability and transformative approach. It consists of an e-book and lesson plans for children in the ages of 6-10 years.  

How does the ocean impact us and what impact do we have on the ocean?

Based on ocean literacy, the three chapters of the book are: The blue ocean, Plastic fish on your plate? and: The helpers of the ocean.

Featured in the last chapter are heros of the ocean who tell inspiring stories. They include Greta Thunberg at Fridays for future, Bo Eide at Hold Norge rent, Belén García Ovide at Ocean missions, Elin Lindenskov, at Rudda Forøyar and Tómas Knútsson at Blái herinn. 

Available in 6 nordic languages 

The book has been published in Danish, Faroese, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish and is accessible at Norden i skolen. 

Free material for all 

Hreint haf is published by Landvernd and The Icelandic Directorate of Education 

The publication was funded by NordMar Plastic, a Nordic council of minister’s project. See more information about NordMar Plastic here: NordmarPlastic – Implementation

The author is Margrét Hugadóttir, she is an experienced educator, writer, and a speaker. She works on raising awareness on sustainable life on earth and implements education for sustainability in Icelandic schools. Her previous publications include Hreint haf for 10–18-year-old pupils and Skapandi skóli, a handbook on creative teaching methods.  

Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association, is a non-governmental organization founded in 1969 with a main emphasis on nature conservation, in particular on the conservation of soil and vegetation. Landvernd is the home of Eco-schools Iceland (Grænfáninn and Skólar á grænni grein) and has been the leading force of education for sustainability in Iceland since the launch of Eco schools Iceland in 2001. 

For more information please contact

Publisher: Andri Már Sigurðsson, editor at The Icelandic directorate of Education,

Nordic collaboration: Anna Foucard, Norden i skolen,

Author and project leader: Margrét Hugadóttir, Landvernd,

NordMarPlastics: Hildur Harðardóttir, Umhverfisstofnun 

Original text in Icelandic can be found here: Ný rafbók Hreint haf – Plast á norðurslóðum er komin út!

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